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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Power skipping video reviews

Power skipping video reviews

Skipping is a great exercise for a cardiovascular workout to increase fitness and strength.
It works the heart and lungs and muscles of the limbs. It also requires concentration and coordination.

j&jFIT recommend using the Cool Blue Skippinng Jump Rope.

Generally when you start to skip, you should build the speed gradually and when warmed up and in a rythm, you can speed up all aspects of your skipping work (hand speed, leg speed etc).

There are also many different types of skipping eg regular 2 feet together skips, alternate foot skips, crossover, double under and side rope skips and jogging skips and reven reverse skipping! Be creative & try to master different skips, you may find it fun!

Here are 2 examples of power skipping videos:
1.Wag_Doll Beach Body Burn Skipping
(although there is not a beach to be seen!);

2. Floyd Mayweather (champion boxer)

3. INSANE 15 Minute Jump Rope For A Killer Body - 15 Minutos De Saltar La Cuerda

Awesome...sick even! HAPPY SKIPPING :-)